Let’s do this


Jowee Omicil – Let’s do this (2006)


Sax man, “Jowee O” has been called the future and present of Jazz. A title he humbly wears. A quick listen to his first CD project “Let’s Do This” confirms what the people are saying. “Let’s Do This” is both spiritual and evocative with a touch of gospel-soul and hip hop.

Let’s Do this” was recorded in Montreal and featured: bassist, Chris Pottinger, who toured with Anthony Hamilton; organist John Gibson, Music Director for Greater Love Tabernacle, MA.; drummer Charles Haynes, who played with the incredible Stanley Clarke, Warren Wolfe on electronic malletkat (Vibe) has played with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Special Guest appearances from Montreal, guitarists Harold Faustin and Eric Asswab add an international spice and last but not least, Britney Spears’ guitarist, Skip Dorsey’s soulful acoustic contribution on “Midnight Breeze“. All twelve tracks on “Let’s Do This” were written and produced by “Jowee O” with the exception of “DJ’s Joint” – written and produced by Darren Barrett.

Jowee Omicil lets do thisThe single “Straight in my Pocket” is a suave introduction of artistry and the percussive “J n Jn” is guaranteed to make you nod your head. This musical carnage is crowned with “G.O.R.E.T.H”, an inspired ballad.